Body Image – strength and weakness

Keep in mind, I don’t and never did hate my body. I hated that I was not as nice to look at in a swimsuit as I once was. Hate my body or myself? Nope. I have flaws. Tons. But I try to improve.  I guess I had a “do my best and if you don’t like it, that’s your issue” kind of attitude. Oh I have to admit that I go for a wee bit of fashion and want to look good for family, friends, and loved ones. To make them proud. So I do my best. At that point if they don’t like it, I can hold my head high and think, they can stuff it. This is what you get today. Flaws and all.

Besides if you have not been told, I’ll tell you, and listen, “No body is perfect.” I mean, no body and nobody is perfect. There is happy with your body and not happy with your body and size is not the biggest determining factor over whether you are happy with what you have! Continue reading


Athlete? You’re Crazy.

I am an athlete for the first time in my life by sort of an accident. My efforts to lose weight worked better than expected. I compete in women’s Figure division of amateur bodybuilding. I’ll save you a description of the various classes of womens’ bodybuilding and just start off by saying that 1) you don’t have to take steroids to compete. 2) It is not a most muscle contest. How did I get to the decision to bodybuild and compete?

Athlete? Me?

I was no child or college athlete. I have always had terrible hand-eye coordination for ball sports and was often one of the very last chosen for sides even in kickball in the third grade, though I was not heavy. I was active as a youth with roller skates in the driveway and a bicycle with fairly rural neighborhood streets to roam. As a teen I sometimes went to jazzercise with my grandmother, just to accompany her.

Babies and calorie burn!

I began step aerobics in the early 90’s after the birth of my daughter and was able to get all of my baby weight off between my daughter and son and wore a size 8 at 128lbs in my mid 20’s. Continue reading

Very first Blog

Welcome. This is me.


My name is Samantha Bowman. I am a 48 years old, married mother of 2 grown children and two step-children ages 29, 26, 25 and 22. I and my retired military husband are from North Carolina, and currently reside in northern VA just outside of Washington DC.

I have wanted to start this blog and share my passion with you for some time. My goal is to inspire others to be their best! In this case, lose that 20-30 pounds or more we spend years collecting, or tighten up that middle-aged sag. Be fit as a result, love ourselves, and continue to be our best.  Continue reading