New Year’s Fitness Resolution? Don’t forget Your Kitchen

Every resolutioner hits the gym and gets started with exercise. You may even get a new workout outfit. What girl doesn’t get motivated by a new outfit. I know I do!

In 2013 I was determined to lose weight. I was focused on exercise. I was like a hamster on a wheel doing classes a couple of times a week. Same effort as always, no weight loss even though I didn’t miss a class.

What I discovered is that with all this fitness going on it is too easy to lose track of what we are eating. Maybe we are not eating all of the sweets from the holidays, but if you are eating without a plan or eating unconsciously you may be silently defeating all of your hard work in the gym by over doing it in the kitchen. Continue reading


Why did I regain the weight?

Diets don’t work.

Anything with an expiration date is a short term fix. Period.  If you go back to eating and living the same as always, you will gain back the weight.

The worst diets are the single food concoctions. The “drink this” or “eat only this one food” diets. Not only are these diets not a long term fix, if you stay on them long enough you could make your body deficient of nutrients, weak, sick and unhealthy. The same is true for very low calorie diets.   Continue reading

Real talk weight loss…eat better. Tips here!

To make a difference you may have to change perceptions.

  • Moderation 
  • A little won’t hurt you. 
  • It doesn’t taste as good
  • I need salt, sugar, alcohol, blah blah 

People use all sorts of rationale to justify bad habits. One person’s idea of “moderation” may be the very thing that’s preventing the results they seek. 
If you don’t change your mindset you may never get the body you desire. 
Don’t give up. It’s not only about looking the way you want to look. Making small improvements in your diet will bring other rewards. You may just be preventing stomach issues, skin ailments, cancers, diabetes, or heart disease.  

Avoid sugars
(read labels), enriched wheat flour, fried, processed meats, juice, soda (even diet soda) Many of these foods have no nutritional value and chemicals that will make you fat!

I just read an article with lots of common sense and a some common language. One of my favorite quotes, “Remember, honey, agave, nectar, brown rice syrup, and cane sugar are all pure sugar, even if they are marketed as healthy alternatives to high-fructose corn syrup. It’s the same shit.”

By Danny Kavadlo.


All Sugar!


Do eat fresh meats, vegetables, whole grain (just because a bread product states whole grains check label to make sure there is no sugar!.) Also include healthy fats in avocado, almonds, and olive oils in your daily foods. 

It is not easy
. Many foods are neither good nor bad. Most fall into some middle ground. It depends on your goals! What makes it tougher is that last stubborn weight or to break through a plateau the stricter you must be! This is where weightlifting really helps!

When you start that new resolution exercise program
, do not be fooled into eating more because of your workout. You don’t want to be exercising to lose a pound and re-eating to gain it right back. There is no workout that will justify junk food. A serious athlete does not eat like that and neither should you. 

Do eat veggies and,
You do want to eat to provide nutrition to your body. Especially after a workout. Protein powders are good, but eggs, chicken, turkey and fish are also great!
Eat better, exercise, drink water, and get sleep! You’ll feel better, live longer, look better and be well!

Resolution Motivation

Two years ago I was determined. More than a resolution, I was fed up and disgusted with myself. I made the remark internally that if I had to become a gym rat I would lose the weight and most importantly not gain another pound that year. However, I was clueless about what to do with myself.  Been there done that in aerobics classes all my life and in a multitude of dance fit classes in 2013.  Prior, I had tried at-home video workouts that worked for a while. After 6 months of the same videos I was ready to poke my eyes out and initial weight loss had seemed to stall along with my motivation to do the same thing over and over. Continue reading

Lean Protein = Lean Body trying to lose weight? Tone up? Fed up with that last bit of belly fat? You may be under the wrong impression that food and calories are the enemy.  While there is truth to that there is a lot of wiggle room.

Here are some facts.

  1. Too many calories above what your body burns in a day is going to make you fat.
  2. The average couch potato burn at least 1000 calories a day at rest.

Wait? How are you not losing weight?? You are eating low calories, and exercising. Right? What gives?

Here is a bit of truth. Lean Protein builds lean bodies. Candy, bread, cakes, and sodas, even high fat salad dressings, build fat.

I am questioned regularly by family and weight loss clients, “Should you/I drink a protein shake if not working out?”


“Samantha, are you going to drink that protein shake when you didn’t workout?”


Oh my gosh yes. Drink a low carb, very low sugar protein drink. Caution: Skip the carbs even fruit and especially juice.

Not all foods are created equal. We know that. That’s why we stay away from sweets.

Some nutrients are better than others. We all know about vitamins in vegetables. However, vitamins are micronutrients. The body needs them in smaller quantities to do very specific jobs. Macronutrients are proteins, carbs, and fats that do the big work. Getting this right is the missing piece of the puzzle in many diets.

While people like to think of all food as fuel it is not as simple as that. It is NOT all just “gas in the tank.” It takes a variety of these nutrients for optimum running. However, you need to be running a higher octane food blend and not a bunch of random low (or high!!!) calorie trash.

For example. Fats are more like the oil in your car. Not gas. You don’t need as much. You use some everyday, but just a little. They keep your body’s hormones straight. They can also be used by the body as energy.

Carbs are energy. This is the fuel. Extra carbs and extra fat are stored as body fat.

Proteins, on the other hand, are building blocks. It is over simplistic to say calories in vs. calories out, or that food is fuel. You body is a living being, not a car. Proteins do the body repairs, the tissue and muscle building. The body breaks down the proteins in foods into amino acids. A car does not have these guys running around inside keeping the structure held up.

The problem with how most people apply an Adkins style, high protein, diet is that they do not take quality of the protein into consideration. Bacon, hotdogs, sausages, and the like, are not lean protein sources. You are getting more salt, fat and chemicals than your body needs. (Stored as fat in your body remember?) To top that off, they often disregard the healthy vitamins and fats in things like broccoli and avocados.

So, should you drink protein shakes?

The truth may be different that you have conditioned yourself to believe, but the summary is, that the protein shake, when made with water, is going to be what you should eat instead of fries, weight watchers ice cream, plain potatoes, rice, wheat breads, wraps, cakes, 100 calorie cookies, candy and other treats if you are not working out.

Should I drink protein when not working out? How is that a question? I have never heard anyone say, “Should I drink a milkshake when not working out?” A milkshake is monstrously more bad for you. A Wendy’s small frosty is 340 calories with 80 calories from fat, 56 grams of carb, and 46 grams of sugar. Compare that to a 130 calorie protein shake with 20 or more grams of protein, less than 2 grams of sugar, and only about 5 grams of carbs!

The good news, there are quite a few proteins that are tasty treats and almost as good as a milkshake as well. Look for one with a low carb or at least a very low sugar content and you can add it to your diet as a treat or snack instead of a meal replacement!!!

A great tasting vanilla protein, like Beast Sports Nutrition Protein, is very versatile.

  • It can sweeten your smoothies.
  • Tastes great on its own with just water.
  • You can make it into a chocolate milkshake with a little unsweetened cocoa, ice chips and a blender.
  • Make an awesome latte by mixing thick, (less than half the water called for) then add to strong iced black coffee and stir or shake in a shaker.
  • Add cinnamon, nutmeg and even an egg yolk, or a small bit of (1/4 cup or less) pasteurized eggbeaters, for an amazing sugar free, low carb, eggnog!
  • All while helping you get the nutrition you need without packing on empty calories of unused energy!

The best skinny drink ever! Just remember, calories still count. Regardless of the source, simply put, too many calories will make you fat. Drink in moderation and skip the “diet” foods that have kept you fat!

Check out the article in “Women’s Health Magazine,” linked below, for more information on weight loss and protein!



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The Mom Diet


The “Mom Diet”

The Mom Diet has got to go! I was recently interviewed for a quote by a writer for Glamour Magazine. Her interest was for a story on bad diets. Before turning over a new leaf, how was your diet bad and what was your inspiration to change?

My diet, I explained, was what I termed the self sacrificing “Mom Diet.”  The Mom diet is hideous in two ways:

You eat next to nothing other than toast with coffee for breakfast and a bowl of fruit or yogurt for lunch. If that. Then you cook a traditional big square meal for the family including meat, starch, veggie and maybe even bread, and you eat too much of that.

Another bad habit of the Mom Diet is feeling some responsibility for the remains of what you cook. Say you bake a cake for Sunday. The group eats a piece each, and then the darn thing hangs around. No one in the family pays it much more attention. You need to eat it before it spoils and goes to waste right??

Wrong and Wrong.

First and most important is to take care of yourself. A low calorie starvation diet during the day is a sure way to guarantee that when you do get full at dinner, that your body will store ALL of the extra calories as fat. After all, you’ve starved all day and your system is guaranteeing it takes the extra calories from the “big meal” and keeps it for later. But you were hungry right? You must eat. Truth. The best eating plan is: 1. Don’t skip meals. 2. Don’t do all carbs at meals during the day. Yeah. Those veggies and fruits are good for you, but your body craves protein and plenty of it. Have yogurt or almonds as a snack. Have eggs (more than one!) or egg whites if that suits you better. Have chicken, tuna, baked fish or some substantial protein at lunch.


Small to medium sized meals, with a lean protein, throughout the day!

You can skip the high calorie-empty calories in sugars and breads and creamy dressings and such, but do eat veggies, protein, and maybe a bit of fruit as a dessert. Fruit is not a meal.

Second, the weight of American waste is not on you. Do not “clean up” food that you bake just because you baked it. I’m not saying to never treat yourself or your family, but to clean up, by eating it systematically over the week is not the answer. Every 3500 calories you eat extra is a pound you packed on. Whether that extra 3500 is one day or spread over a week. Heck. That could be one HALF of a  cake a year! I still bake for my family, but it belongs to them. It is their treat. I may even taste it or treat myself to a small slice when we cut it. Not always, but for sure the day after, or the week following?? Scrape it in the garbage. No one should be hungry. That statement does not mean that you should be fat. Pitch it guilt free. You are not the world’s or your family’s garbage disposal!

The later part of the initial question was easy. Why? Why change? Well, I was overweight, tired, and fed up with being overweight and tired. I had been searching for the answers and trying to eat healthy and sensible for years except I was never quite successful in keeping a couple more extra pounds a year from hanging onto my body! My chance encounter with a bodybuilder who set me on the right path for both exercise and nutrition is what did it! I changed because I was given the information I needed to make better choices. Do I miss some of my freedoms to eat whatever? Sure. Do I miss that 30+ pounds I lost? I think not.

Learn more about healthy weight and healthy food, and make a new you!

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Lose 20 pounds? What I learned…. I groaned for YEARS about wanting to loose weight. My goal for all those years was vague. I wanted to lose 20 pounds, I would have been happy with 10. The struggle is real.

What I learned from my years of wishful thinking, too little effort, and in contrast to becoming a fit athlete is this: Continue reading