Lose the flappy wings: Work Triceps

The tricep area is one of many women’s most hated feature because of the flabby skin hanging from our upper arms. This article will cover a variety of exercises to tighten the muscle under the skin and firm this area. This work is most effective as a part of a larger workout plan and great diet. However, getting toned arms is very attainable and easier than six pack abs! Continue reading


Workout? Here’s How

Willing to lift weights but don’t know what to do with them when you get to the gym? Here is my advice for putting together a great workout.

First, make a plan. What days are you going to the gym? How many days will you lift? Three? Good.  Four or Five? Better. Try to work each muscle group at least once each week, with a minimum of 48-72 hours before working that muscle group again. Muscle groups commonly worked: Continue reading

Plans not goals will get you there.

A little bit of planning can go a long way toward reaching your weightloss goal. Don’t get me wrong, I like like spontaneity. I live to be flexible in my habits and attitude. I rarely do exactly the same thing twice. I’m not wired that way. However, if you want to get things done you must, on occasion, plan. This is very true for fitness and weightloss.th

Everyday, make plans to be there for you. Lack of any planning and commitment to carry out those plans is why many fail themselves when it comes to weightloss. The problem is in goal setting and limitations. Setting a goal and making a plan are not one in the same. A goal does not happen without a plan. I may want to lose 20 pounds. Not going to happen unless I plan out how to accomplish this goal. Continue reading

Workout? Make it effective.

My last post focused on weightlifting, and why you should lift weights. Also known as resistance training, you can use bands, gym machines, home gyms, or free weights  to improve muscle strength and metabolism and “lift.” Resistance training is an awesome way to improve your health, strength, longevity and quality of life, not to mention looks. This article provides the information you need to make this type of training work for you. These are the not so basic basics. The things that a trainer specializing in bodybuilding should be sharing with you. Continue reading

Why Weight?

Many women fear lifting weights. They believe they will be bulky, manly or have “too many muscles.” Ladies, lifting weights will make you stronger and burn calories. You must lift, eat, supplement and be consistent at it for years to even get close, and still likely not get there without performance enhancers, to get to the image you fear. Here is why you should lift and my own progress in photos.

This time of year, many will hit the gym, sign up for classes, get on the cardio equipment, and when the weather warms, many others will hit the pavements. We do what we know how to do to burn off calories and go at it full steam to lose weight.

Things happen over the age of 35. Each year we experience a gradual loss of muscle tone, firmness, strength, and skin elasticity. Continue reading

Fit by habit or force of will?

There are very few people born into fitness who know nothing else. If you were one of these people, count yourself lucky. These are the fit people who make the often misleading statement, “I eat whatever I want.” Next time you hear that, dig a little deeper. Those people:

  •  Don’t care for sweets.
  • Would never eat a whole bag of chips.
  • Don’t eat fast food.
  • Eat on a regular schedule day after day.
  • Don’t try to starve themselves.
  • Get loads of exercise or physical activity.

If you are one of these people, be cautious of the image of ‘eating whatever you want’. Many will not understand. They will imagine pizza, burgers, icecream, and junkfood are your normal food. Continue reading