Fit by habit or force of will?

There are very few people born into fitness who know nothing else. If you were one of these people, count yourself lucky. These are the fit people who make the often misleading statement, “I eat whatever I want.” Next time you hear that, dig a little deeper. Those people:

  •  Don’t care for sweets.
  • Would never eat a whole bag of chips.
  • Don’t eat fast food.
  • Eat on a regular schedule day after day.
  • Don’t try to starve themselves.
  • Get loads of exercise or physical activity.

If you are one of these people, be cautious of the image of ‘eating whatever you want’. Many will not understand. They will imagine pizza, burgers, icecream, and junkfood are your normal food.

What we find is that our appetite, avoiding foods we crave, and what it really takes to be fit are not as easy as it seems. Oh, it comes easier to some people who were raised in a home of healthy.  There are fit minded people who live naturally fit. It may be because their lifestyle has never slowed down to allow them to become fat in the first place and they never had to fight addiction or medication that affects appetite or other struggles that will pack on the pounds. It may be that for them, unhealthy food has always been unthinkable. For the rest of us the struggle is real.

Part of the problem is that your body may be still hungry for nutrients after you have filled it with junk food. Many will just keep filling up on junk and never realize or satisfy the root of their hunger for nutrients.

Can you change? Sure. I have done it and I have been inspired and humbled by other very real stories of those who turned around from obesity and hopelessness and got on a healthier track, and are now fit! Is it easier to stay right where you are? Are you even stable?

Don’t allow food and carelessness to control you. Be real and honest with yourself. You did not get to where you are overnight, and will not be back to where you started overnight either. You must reverse your life one meal at a time!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that ALL food is the enemy. Nutrients in green veggies and lean proteins are vital.

But you are busy and on the go and no time to cook? Look for healthy fast food alternatives. After I lost my weight, but before I made the switch to over 95% food prep made at home, I often grabbed a lettuce wrapped grilled

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chicken, or a salad with grilled chicken. (No creamy dressings. Dressings can double the calories on a salad and are empty calories without nutrients) Also, most Chinese/Asian  restaurants have a steamed option. Get that with brown rice if possible, or best yet, skip the rice and eggrolls especially! Keep a low sugar protein bar or unsalted portioned bag of nuts handy for emergency hunger, and whatever you do, regardless of your starting point, do not give up on yourself. You are worth a healthy and long life! Small changes matter, big time!

Realize that those fit bodies in the gym you signed up for were NOT always fit themselves. People in the gym are fit because they come to the gym and their food choices match their effort in the gym whether by force of will or force of habit, they eat right, they keep coming back, and are not just there to look good or show off, but they are there because fit does not happen on its own!