Plans not goals will get you there.

A little bit of planning can go a long way toward reaching your weightloss goal. Don’t get me wrong, I like like spontaneity. I live to be flexible in my habits and attitude. I rarely do exactly the same thing twice. I’m not wired that way. However, if you want to get things done you must, on occasion, plan. This is very true for fitness and

Everyday, make plans to be there for you. Lack of any planning and commitment to carry out those plans is why many fail themselves when it comes to weightloss. The problem is in goal setting and limitations. Setting a goal and making a plan are not one in the same. A goal does not happen without a plan. I may want to lose 20 pounds. Not going to happen unless I plan out how to accomplish this goal.

Go to the gym with a Plan. My trainer, when I began this successful weightloss journey, lectured me not to the gym without a plan. What exercises will you do to what goal? How often? How many reps and sets? How much cardio do I need? Get a plan and a schedule and stick to it. Lots of free plans at that will get you where you want to be for free!  work.

Prioritize getting to the gym. This is not an option. This is not an “in the mood” type of schedule. This is a must. Does life get in the way at times? Sure. This is when the flexibility of bodybuilding can be a boon. I usually workout in the morning. Sunday’s are usually my days off. However, I can workout at lunch, or in the evenings or make it up on Sunday. What I do not do is skip out on my planned exercises. Start with a plan. Same time everyday. However, this is not an optional activity. Like taking a shower or eating, exercise must be done. If you can’t get to it in the evening, get it in the morning. Folks, no use complaining about being stuck if you can’t get this done. plan

Rest the same times each day. Sleep is vital. It is vital to weightloss. Back in the day, when I was a bit more fluffy in the middle, I would use a sugar loaded snack to give me a boost during the day when sleepy.  That option is not going to happen anymore. Many sleep experts will tell you to get 7 to 9 hours each day, and also to maintain a consistent pattern of sleep each day, even on weekends. This also helps you with your weight! Bodybuilders typically shoot for 8 hours. For lean muscles to grow and metabolism to stay strong and to reduce fat, we need our rest!

Eat on a schedule. Actually if you wait for your body to cue you in, you could be setting yourself up to be gaining fat instead of losing weight. Your body is in energy reserves and you are killing your ability to eat in moderation when you wait to realize that you are hungry and haven’t eaten. Plan your meals daily. Try to stick to a regular schedule and eat a smaller amount at each meal and not one or two big meals a day. Boiled eggs, a half bag of salad and canned tuna or chicken are inexpensive and reliable planned meals. Alternately, I typically cook on Sunday and Wednesday to pack meals for the week. Plan 2 hours on Sunday afternoon or evening to steam a bunch of veggies, and bake a whole pan of fish or chicken. Store in the refrigerator or freezer. But some weeks the days of the week vary.  

I cook twice a week and store food for the next 3-4 days. Not stuck on two particular days of the week. I am only stuck on the necessity to have healthy food in small meals.  Like variety? Season every couple of pieces differently. Use dry seasonings without sugar or salts. Flexibility is good here too. So you have a framework. 5-6 small meals per day spaced out through the day. I try to not get bent out of shape with a clock schedule, but eat when no less than 2 to no more than 4 hours have passed. I set my goal to eat every three hours and don’t necessarily label meals as lunch, or snack or 12:00 noon. I eat, and three hours later I eat again. Simple. Beware that snacking can really get you off track. No reason to snack if you know you are going to eat again soon. Snacking and then delaying a meal can cause your body to not have the nutrients you needed even though you no longer feel hungry. tumblr_m556pnufka1qlxk49o1_500

Want to reach that fitness or weightloss goal? Then these plans are crucial.

  • Set a time to get it done everyday. Not just a wish. A set time. Then make it up if you miss it.
  • Set a plan for what specific exercises you are going to do each day. Write it down. Take it with you. Don’t want to make up your own or want guaranteed effectiveness? Get a program from a source you trust.
  • Get your sleep. Regular schedule as much as possible and not staying up past exhaustion.
  • Get nutrition. Not diet starvation. Real. Whole. Food. Everyday.  No blowing it off or binging because you did not eat. Eat!

Don’t disrespect your body and expect it to just do what you want it to. fitness marriageWish and want to have a fit body? Follow a plan for work, food, and rest. Put in this work and treat your body right, and stay consistent. Progress will follow.