8 Reasons I love Bodybuilding.  

1. Only exercise style that is customizable for body shape results. You can’t spot cardio to lose weight. You loose fat everywhere. Ab exercises don’t work to reduce your waist.  Bodybuilders pick how to design shape. Bikini or physique or Figure. Each division has shape ideals that the competitor strives to perfect. 

2. It is the fountain of youth. Use it or lose it. After age 40 muscle is already lost in the aging process. Adding back lost strength as you age is the key to fit and active at 80!

3.  Toned and smooth not cellulite. Even lifting heavy, women especially won’t get massive, but also men over 50 do not have enough testosterone to get “big.” I Can put muscle on the booty and legs. Burn that layer of fat. Muscle doesn’t get cellulite. 

4. Fit Lifestyle not a diet. The successful bodybuilder had nutrition goals and a plan for meals and snacks. Doesn’t  need to be the same every day or month but there is a guideline on how to get lean. When and what to eat is a huge part of the puzzle. The bodybuilders diet has real food in it! Less junk is less fat. 

 5. Nutrition, exercise from weights and cardio combined is the fastest way to get in shape. Period. 

6. Like my Max Muscle shirt says. “Look good naked.” http://nova.mmsnutrition.com

7. You set your schedule. No more relying on a class time unless you choose to grab extra cardio.