Body Positivity and Your Health

Good Morning,Heartfelt PSA. The bodyfat you carry doesn’t define your beauty or your worth. 

It does define your health.  

Your shape, size, fat, does not define your value. Love who you are. Your moment in time today defines your future. Your past opportunities are just that. In your past. Your interactions with others defines you. Beauty is subjective and can be found in all people. Other people’s shallow preferences for beauty is irrelevant to the beauty inside of you. 
However, make no mistake, If you have a bodyfat percentage in the mid to high 30% you are overfat. If you have over 40% bodyfat you are obese. Your health is at risk similar to that of a smoker. You have higher risk of joint problems, diabetes, strain on your heart and lungs, and premature death. In the world over, being overweight causes more deaths than being underweight or from malnutrition and starvation. Under or over weight are unhealthy and both preventable and curable. 

Additionally you can be overfat and still be sick from malnutrition especially if you get a majority of your calories from baked goods like cakes and other sweets. Your body needs protein, vegetables, dietary healthy fats and complex carbs. 

Summary: love yourself and your body enough to take care of yourself. Exercise and better nutrition choices are for everyone. Have confidence. You got this!

*Note: bodyfat% is a better, newer, indication of health than BMI. You can be normal weight and BMI with high bodyfat. The term is normal weight obesity. It carries the same risk factors. Know what you are made of! These tests can help you sort your health: Inbody, Bodpod, Futrex IR scan, and few others. Look for a location near you or message me for more information. 

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