Fitness is a Symphony

I do like to write. What I write about is fitness. Everything related to fitness. I relate fitness to puzzle pieces. Many have tried to lose weight or tone up, but only have a few parts of the puzzle and haven’t put enough together to see results!

In that regard, you can also think of your fitness elements as a symphony. You are the conductor. You can wish for a fit body, but waving your baton in the air won’t get it unless your symphony orchestra is in their seats.

Think of the weights training exercises as percussion. Timpani drums and cymbals bang out a beat, so do free weights and barbells even machine weightstacks noisily provide the framework for your body to build upon.

Horns are the nutrition. Solid nutrition doesn’t take a quiet lonely unheard harmony. Nutrition blares results, Horns trumpet health and wellness; horns aren’t sugar and sweet, horns are protein and broccoli!

Woodwinds are the cardio. Run like the wind. Dance, trill, be light on your feet.

Strings are the threads of medical health professionals here to help. If your organs, hormones, digestion and heart aren’t healthy the rest won’t have a chance.

A person one a successful diet. Will make music with single instrument results. Alone, soloist and one dimensional. She take a break and the music dies.

A new exercise program brings music to the table, but alone has no depth. Sound without an orchestra. Music without harmony. Strength or endurance with depth of result.

A symphony of fitness effort is the full orchestration of results. All parts make an ongoing music. The best part is that often one side of the ensemble with pick up the melody while the other rests or provides background harmony. No single instrument holds the results hostage.

Make fitness a part of everything you do and the music of your life will be richer with results.




via Daily Prompt: Symphony