Pumpkin Bread Guilt Free 

Pumpkin Bread is great for fall. Who doesn’t have a tough time with baked good temptations in the fall and winter holiday season?

My solution is to make those 250 + calories count for real nutrition rather than most of the calories coming as empty calories from sugars or butter.

This is my original recipe for a pumpkin bread that will double nicely as a healthy breakfast or daytime snack. I say daytime because I typically eat my carbs earlier in the day. Less likely for unused energy to turn to fat during daytime hours.


1 can Pumpkin Puree 15oz

3 cups plain Quaker Old Fashioned oats.

1 cup of egg whites

3 scoops of whey protein powder. (vanilla, toffee, caramel or unflavored variety works: I used Titan Toffee Macchiato)

Optional: 1 cup of zero calorie sugar substitutes for baking (recommend Truvia for baking or Splenda for baking.

1/2 cup of almond meal

2 teaspoons of pumpkin spice

2 teaspoons of baking soda

1/2 teaspoon of salt

NUTRITION: full loaf cake is 7 servings. 278 calories: 20 grams of protein, 31.7 grams of carbs, 7.7 grams of fat. Only 4.9 grams of sugars from the pumpkin. No added sugars.

Optional add ins if desired based on your dietary needs:

Chopped pecan pieces: 1/4 cup adds 20 calories per serving and 2 grams of fat.

Two snack boxes of raisins (1/4 cup) adds 25 calories of carbs from natural sugars per serving. Avoid if watching sugars! This little bit doubles the sugar content.


Mix oats in food processor until ground into coarse flour.

Mix all ingredients into large mixing bowl and stir together.

Heat oven to 325 degrees,

Spray loaf pan with a light spray of spray coconut oil. Dust with oat flour for a perfect non-stick if desired.

Pour batter into prepared pan and place in oven to bake 40-50 minutes. Cake should not be shloshy in the middle, but you do want it very moist. Do not over bake!! It should rise and be firm.

Enjoy at breakfast, brunch or even post workout with coffee or hot tea!

This healthy recipe has your heart healthy oats, proteins from whey and eggwhites. Healthy fats from almond meal and maybe pecans. Not to mention lots of vitamin A, plus Vitamins C, calcium, iron and fiber from pumpkin while avoiding empty calories that have no nutritional value from processed enriched flour, butters, sugars etc! Enjoy guilt free if you avoid adding butter or jams! Would it taste good with butter or jam? Sure. If you do add these traditional enhancers is it going to make you fat? Well, in short…yes. Yes it will. Not so much as a second bowl of ice cream and cake, but it does make a difference if you want a healthier lifestyle. Refrigerate and warm in the microwave or oven by the slice.  Eat the healthy.


The Mom Diet


The “Mom Diet”

The Mom Diet has got to go! I was recently interviewed for a quote by a writer for Glamour Magazine. Her interest was for a story on bad diets. Before turning over a new leaf, how was your diet bad and what was your inspiration to change?

My diet, I explained, was what I termed the self sacrificing “Mom Diet.”  The Mom diet is hideous in two ways:

You eat next to nothing other than toast with coffee for breakfast and a bowl of fruit or yogurt for lunch. If that. Then you cook a traditional big square meal for the family including meat, starch, veggie and maybe even bread, and you eat too much of that.

Another bad habit of the Mom Diet is feeling some responsibility for the remains of what you cook. Say you bake a cake for Sunday. The group eats a piece each, and then the darn thing hangs around. No one in the family pays it much more attention. You need to eat it before it spoils and goes to waste right??

Wrong and Wrong.

First and most important is to take care of yourself. A low calorie starvation diet during the day is a sure way to guarantee that when you do get full at dinner, that your body will store ALL of the extra calories as fat. After all, you’ve starved all day and your system is guaranteeing it takes the extra calories from the “big meal” and keeps it for later. But you were hungry right? You must eat. Truth. The best eating plan is: 1. Don’t skip meals. 2. Don’t do all carbs at meals during the day. Yeah. Those veggies and fruits are good for you, but your body craves protein and plenty of it. Have yogurt or almonds as a snack. Have eggs (more than one!) or egg whites if that suits you better. Have chicken, tuna, baked fish or some substantial protein at lunch.


Small to medium sized meals, with a lean protein, throughout the day!

You can skip the high calorie-empty calories in sugars and breads and creamy dressings and such, but do eat veggies, protein, and maybe a bit of fruit as a dessert. Fruit is not a meal.

Second, the weight of American waste is not on you. Do not “clean up” food that you bake just because you baked it. I’m not saying to never treat yourself or your family, but to clean up, by eating it systematically over the week is not the answer. Every 3500 calories you eat extra is a pound you packed on. Whether that extra 3500 is one day or spread over a week. Heck. That could be one HALF of a  cake a year! I still bake for my family, but it belongs to them. It is their treat. I may even taste it or treat myself to a small slice when we cut it. Not always, but for sure the day after, or the week following?? Scrape it in the garbage. No one should be hungry. That statement does not mean that you should be fat. Pitch it guilt free. You are not the world’s or your family’s garbage disposal!

The later part of the initial question was easy. Why? Why change? Well, I was overweight, tired, and fed up with being overweight and tired. I had been searching for the answers and trying to eat healthy and sensible for years except I was never quite successful in keeping a couple more extra pounds a year from hanging onto my body! My chance encounter with a bodybuilder who set me on the right path for both exercise and nutrition is what did it! I changed because I was given the information I needed to make better choices. Do I miss some of my freedoms to eat whatever? Sure. Do I miss that 30+ pounds I lost? I think not.

Learn more about healthy weight and healthy food, and make a new you!

Want to learn more about my story? Go to my website at www.fitatfiftysamantha.com.