Weak upper body? Train chest!

The ability to push, to push yourself up off of the bed, the floor, to hold yourself with good posture and to maintain good mobility are foundational reasons to train your chest. Women have a love/hate relationship with their chest. They want them bigger or smaller or perkier. Honestly, training your chest has little to do with the your breast tissue real or implants. Breast tissues are made up of glands and ducts for milk production and fat cells. Training the muscle lying underneath will make you stronger.  What can affect the breast size is the fat loss as you lose body fat, and that can come from cardio, diet and any weightloss efforts, but chest strength will never steer you wrong. Continue reading


Lose 20 pounds? What I learned….

www.fitatfiftysamantha.com I groaned for YEARS about wanting to loose weight. My goal for all those years was vague. I wanted to lose 20 pounds, I would have been happy with 10. The struggle is real.

What I learned from my years of wishful thinking, too little effort, and in contrast to becoming a fit athlete is this: Continue reading